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The Wine Club

The Finger Lakes Wine Society is currently working through the groundwork to become the first "wine of the month club" to represent only Finger Lakes Wine. We will send only the best wine of the Finger Lakes- that is, only wines that are made entirely from "estate-grown" or only Finger Lakes-grown grapes!

Fantastic estate grown wines from the Finger Lakes, shipped to your door!
What a concept! All for one low annual fee. Not only that, but there will be plenty of other benefits of membership:

~Take an extra 5% off of your wine purchases at all participating wineries in the Finger Lakes!

~Receive special discounts on wine that will be made and reserved for Finger Lakes Wine Society Members only!

~ Receive bi-monthly Finger Lakes Wine Society Newsletters containing a wealth of information about the wines included in the shipment as well as special offers and invites to Member-Only functions around the Finger Lakes. Newsletters will also provide news of interest from all the Finger Lakes wineries as well as interesting wine facts, classified ads, editorials, recipes and more!.

~Members will receive a special gift for referring new members to the Finger Lakes Wine Society.

~Members will have access to wine and wine merchandise that are exclusive to members.

Three levels of membership will be available, depending on your wine tastes. Further customization to membership will be acceptable to a degree. More details are in the works. Please be patient as we are currently in the process of working out details to begin accepting memberships.

The following are only EXAMPLES of membership options when we begin accepting members.
We currently don't have memberships available. Should you be interested in purchasing a membership once they become available, please send us an email and we will keep you informed!

If you want only the best, consider the Vinifera level of Membership in the Finger Lakes Wine Society. You will receive only the very FINEST wines that the Finger Lakes have to offer. Vinifera Members receive primarily European Vinifera wines and occasionally only the best of the best French Hybrids. Most of the wines shipped to Vinifera Members are dry wines, but we allow members to make specifications based on their tastes. Many of the wines sent to Vinifera Members are the elite of the region. We are out there finding them for you. We are sometimes negotiating for these wines while the fruit is still on the vines. We want the cream of the crop for our Vinifera Members. If you like what you receive, you can get a deal on it directly from the winery that made it, just tell them that you are a FLWS member and they will take good care of you!

Hybrid Members in the Finger Lakes Wine Society will receive primarily French-American Hybrid wines with some Vinifera and an occasional top quality Labrusca wine from time to time. The wine that the Hybrid Member receives will be mostly in the semi-dry sweetness range, but we allow members to make certain specifications based on their tastes.

FLWS Labrusca Members receive the best Labrusca (Native American) wines and some French-American Hybrid wines. The wine shipped to Labrusca Members is generally in the semi-sweet range, but we do allow members a little flexibility to account for their individual tastes!

TO JOIN the Finger Lakes Wine Society-

Send us your name, address and phone number and we will contact you back when we begin enrolling members! You can expect that there will be a special deal for our "Charter Members" that will make being a member of the Finger Lakes Wine Society even more attractive!

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Membership available to only to those in the continental United States
Membership not available in all States



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