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This site is dedicated to people who enjoy New York State's Finger Lakes wineries and the wines they produce.  The Finger Lakes are now home to over 100 wineries offering wine for every taste.

The Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes were carved by glaciers over ten thousand years ago.  Typically, glacially carved lakes are very deep and the Finger Lakes are no exception; they are among the deepest freshwater lakes in the world!   The great depth of the lakes is the very key to why the region is so perfect for grape growing.  The deep lakes create a tempering effect or what we call a "micro climate" in the hills and valleys immediately surrounding the lake.  This tempering effect draws-out spring and keeps the vines from budding too soon.  The opposite occurs in the fall, the warm lakes slow the first frosts and actually extend the region's growing season!

The Society

The Finger Lakes Wine Society intends to be the premiere "wine-of-the-month-club" representing only Finger Lakes wine. Every other month, members will receive two bottles of the best Finger Lakes wines. Each shipment accompanied by our newsletter containing a wealth of information about the wineries and wines represented in each shipment, as well as a broader look at what is happening all around the Finger Lakes. For more information or to join the FLWS, please see our Wine Club Page.


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